Project Description

Feel it…increased productivity.

Sheepskin Polishing Buffs

Genuine sheepskin buffing pads (or mops) manufactured to a wool length of 23mm with diameter sizes of 80mm, 100mm, 125mm, 150mm, 180mm, 200mm and 225mm, are popular for polishing or other buffing requirements.

Polishing operations by means of sheepskin polishing buffs has proved to be far more superior to similar synthetic fibre buffs, thus ensuring increased productivity.

Sheepskin Paint Roller Refills

Genuine sheepskin paint roller refills are manufactured to a wool length of 23mm with a standard roller size of 225mm.  Other roller sizes (i.e 100mm, 150mm, etc.) are also available on request.

The advantages of sheepskin paint rollers are:

The porous fibres of wool sheepskin paint rollers ensures excellent paint absorption and release which is far superior to synthetic fibre, thus ensuring an increased labour productivity.

Wool sheepskin paint rollers are long lasting with a very high performance per square meter, i.e wool sheepskin paint rollers are considerably more productive than any synthetic fibre paint roller.

          Wool sheepskin paint rollers are durable and washable

          Wool is naturally safe and fire resistant.

           Wool sheepskin paint rollers are best used for general paintwork with water-based paints on all surfaces.

All other industrial sheepskin products are also available on request.